How much can I borrow?

By inputting your annual income below you will get a rough idea of how much the lenders are prepared to offer you as a mortgage.

Banks and building societies mostly use your income to decide how much they can lend you for a mortgage. For this reason, our calculator uses your income too and will give you an indication of how much you can borrow based on your annual salary (before tax).

This does not take into account any additional commitments you have, but we will simplify this further by assessing your commitments and calculating exactly how much you can borrow based on your personal circumstances.

We will also confirm what the mortgage will cost at our initial appointment.

You may be able to borrow up to :

£ 10,000£ 200,000
Great news, you could borrow up to:

*This figure is for illustration purposes and if you would like a more accurate calculation to see exactly how much you can borrow then please complete the contact form.

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